Professional Football

  • Name the team that won the Super Bowl in 2007?

    Minnesota Vikings
    Kansas City Chiefs
    Green Bay Packers
    Indianapolis Colts
  • What US city does not currently have an NFL franchise?

    Los Angeles
    St. Louis
  • What team is also known as the Purple People Eaters?

    Minnesota Vikings
    Seattle Seahawks
    Tampa Bay Devil Rays
    Toronto Argonauts
  • What NFL team featured the legendary Paul Brown as their head coach?

    Atlanta Falcons
    Buffalo Bills
    Cleveland Browns
    San Diego Chargers
  • What jersey number was worn by Bears linebacker, Dick Butkus?

    number 1
    number 45
    number 51
    number 99
  • Name the team that featured Dan Marino as their starting QB?

    Chicago Bears
    Miami Dolphins
    New England Patriots
    Oakland Raiders
  • Who owns The Raiders?

    Al Davis
    Huey Lewis
    Dan Snyder
  • Name the NFL Stadium that is home to not one, but two NFL teams?

    Arrowhead Stadium
    Giants Stadium
    The Orange Bowl
    Shea Stadium
  • What team featured The Steel Curtain?

    New York Yankees
    Edmonton Oilers
    Philadelphia Eagles
    Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Name the infamous running back who was first to break 2,000 rushing yards in a single season?

    Jim Brown
    Larry Csonka
    Walter Payton
    OJ Simpson
  • What City was the home of the Colts, that is until they moved to Indianapolis?

    Kansas City
  • What NFL team did the legendary Vince Lombardi want to Coach but was never offered the job?

    Cleveland Indians
    New York Giants
    San Diego Chargers
    St. Louis Blues