George Clooney, Dale Murphy and Hojo Believe Pete Belongs in Hall of Fame


Actor George Clooney, former Mets All Star Howard Johnson, and former Atlanta Braves All Star Dale Murphy think it's time to let Pete into The National Baseball Hall of Fame.

Pete Rose, is the all-time Major League leader in hits (4,256), games played (3,562), at-bats (14,053) and outs (10,328).He won three World Series rings, three batting titles, one Most Valuable Player Award, two Gold Gloves, the Rookie of the Year Award, and made 17 All-Star appearances at an unequaled five different positions (2B, LF, RF, 3B & 1B). In August 1989, three years after he retired as an active player, Rose agreed to permanent ineligibility from baseball amidst accusations that he gambled on baseball games while playing for and managing the Reds, including claims that he bet on his own team. In 1991, the Baseball Hall of Fame formally voted to ban those on the "permanently ineligible" list from induction, after previously excluding such players by informal agreement among voters. In 2004, after years of public denial, Rose admitted to betting on baseball and on, but not against, the Reds. The issue of Rose's possible re-instatement and election to the Hall of Fame remains a contentious one throughout baseball.


  • Rooster
    Rooster · 2727 days ago

    Pete Rose had more career hits than any other player. I have been following Pete since in the 60'. I do not remember the exact year but baseball to me was Pete Rose and he should be allowed to be in the Baseball Hall Of Fame. Every one makes mistakes from Presidents to ditch diggers but I man that made baseball a living name for the sport. Pete deserves to be in Hall Of Fame. Doesn't God Forgive? IS sports better than God?

  • alvinpark
    alvinpark · 3411 days ago

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