The Toughest Ali Fought


Chuvalo is best known for his two fights against Muhammad Ali. He went the distance both times, in each case losing the decision by a wide margin on the scorecards. The first fight, on March 29, 1966, was for Ali's world title. "He's the toughest guy I ever fought", said Ali of Chuvalo after the fight.

George Louis Chuvalo, also known as Jure Cuvalo, is a retired Canadian heavyweight boxer who was never knocked off his feet in ninety-three professional fights between 1956 and 1979. He is often considered to have had the greatest chin in the history of boxing and to be one of its most durable fighters ever. He was Canadian heavyweight champion as both an amateur and a professional, and twice fought for versions of the professional world's heavyweight title. He had a long career and fought nearly all the top fighters in the heavyweight division.

Rocky Marciano was one of his trainers in his early career.


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